National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management
Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
Government of India


The National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM), under Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India has the following vision and mission that would aid in the better protection, conservation, rehabilitation, management and policy design of the coast. It would promote integrated and sustainable management of coastal and marine areas in India and advise the Union and States/ Union Territory Governments and other associated stakeholders on policy, and scientific matters relating to Integrated Coastal Management (ICZM)


Promote sustainable coasts through increased partnerships, conservation practices, scientific research and knowledge management for the benefit and well being of current and future generations

Mission and Role:

Support integrated management of coastal and marine environment for livelihood security, sustainable development and hazard risk management by enhancing

  • Knowledge
  • Research and Advisory Support
  • Partnerships and Network
  • Coastal Community Interface

Consortium Partner Institutions

Fourteen institutions from coastal states have formed a consortium with NCSCM and signed the Anna University Declaration on 21 June 2010

Services Offered

  • Shoreline change assessment & coastal vulnerability assessment
  • Coastal and marine environmental monitoring
  • Mapping of coastal land use land cover
  • Numerical modeling of near-coastal processes
  • Preparation of Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP)
  • Post-project monitoring for specific project sites
  • Tourism Carrying capacity of islands and coastal areas
  • Beach carrying capacity
  • Coastal Regulation Zone maps at state and local levels
  • Capacity building in Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)
  • Preparation of Conservation Management Plan
  • Sale of data Products
  • Decision Support System for Coastal Management

Scientific Divisions of NCSCM

Coastal Environmental Impact Assessment (CIA)

Cumulative Environmental Impact Assessment (CEIA) & real-time,long-term monitoring of critical coastal ecosystems

Integrated Island Management (IIM)

Framework for development of Integrated Island Management Plan (IIMP) for conservation and socio-economic sustainability of India's islands

Coastal and Marine Resources Conservation (CMR)

Conservation of Ecologically Sensitive Areas (ESAs) and demarcation of Critically Vulnerable Coastal Areas (CVCA)

Integrated Social Sciences and Economics (ISE)

Community and livelihood issues, valuation of coastal ecosystem goods and services to support Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

Futuristic Research (FTR)

Measurement of Blue Carbon sequestration & real-time greenhouse gas emission from coastal ecosystems to develop long-term climate change scenarios

Knowledge, Governance and Policy (KGP)

Preparation of ICZM Plan and knowledge management for coastal governance and policy. Develop capacity in coastal zone management for all stakeholders

Geospatial Sciences (GEO)

Development of science-based decision support using state of-art technology in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS)