National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management
Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
Government of India

Key Staff Details

  • image-tudu

    Debasis TuduScientist - C

  • image-Robin-SC

    Dr.Robin R SScientist - C

  • image-yogeshwari

    Yogeshwari SScientist - C

  • image-Hariharan

    Dr.Hariharan GScientist - C

  • image-Swati-Mohan-Sappal

    Dr.Swati Mohan SappalScientist - B

  • P0241- Neethu C S - CIA

    Dr.Neethu C SProject Scientist II

  • P0242 - Saravanakumar C P - CIA

    Saravanakumar C PProject Scientist II

  • Manikandan

    M.ManikandanProject Scientist II

  • image-Pugalenthi

    Pugalenthi PProject Associate III

  • jinoj

    Pearlin Sam Jinoj TProject Associate III

  • mugil

    Mugilarasan MProject Associate III

  • P0255 - Karthik R - CIA

    Dr.Karthik RProject Associate II

  • P0259 - Semanti Paul - CIA

    Semanti PaulProject Associate I

  • P0348-Senthil B

    Senthil BProject Associate I

  • anandavelu

    Anandavelu IProject Associate I

  • sunantha

    Sunantha GProject Associate I

  • image-karthik

    Karthik RajiProject Associate

  • P0341 - Rohan Sunil - CIA

    Rohan SunilResearch Assistant

  • P0348-Thirumalai Sundari. R

    Thirumalai Sundari RResearch Assistant

  • prem

    Prem Anand MResearch Assistant

  • Akurati Venkata Hari Babu

    Akurati Venkata Hari BabuResearch Assistant