National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management
Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
Government of India

CIA Mandate

The Coastal Environmental Impact Assessment Division (CIA) would undertake systematic monitoring and integration of environmental, social and economic impacts to overcome critical pollution limits on the coast and the adjoining marine environment.

This division would provide input and advice on all components of coastal environmental impact assessment. This would incorporate components of a cumulative effects assessment, including identification of sources of environmental impacts, notably- industrial expansion along the coast, port development, waste disposal from land based and sea based sources, coastal aquaculture etc. The division would study all relevant aspects to establish baseline environmental conditions of specific coastal areas and the cumulative environmental, economic and social effects of regional development prospects on coastal and marine resources and environment. The CIA Division would suitably advise management measures for CVCAs in the coastal and marine areas. Studies to be conducted by the CIA Division include:

  • Apportionment of coastal and marine pollution hotspots
  • Study of Sentinel Sites
  • Impact of urbanization on coastal megacities
  • Coastal ecosystem health (including development of coastal Water quality index and report card)
  • River Mouth System, incl. Deltas and Estuaries and coastal Aquifers
  • Development of guidelines for cumulative analysis of coastal Infrastructure Development Projects
  • Nutrient management and HABs

Additionally, a set of valuable coastal ecosystem components (viz. river mouths, deltaic systems, coastal aquifers, mangrove forests, coral reefs in addition to many others) will be examined, focusing on circulation and siltation, coastal water quality, sediments and the benthic community. Based on observations, "tipping points", to determine cumulative impacts arising from the aggregate of human activities, will be developed. A comprehensive assessment of ecosystem health will be developed using Ecosystem Health Indicators for use in driving policy decisions. This is to enhance and support the science, management and restoration of coastal ecosystems through the integration of geographically detailed assessments and forecasts.