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Last updated : 16-03-2021
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13th March, 2021

The Women’s Welfare committee of NCSCM, MoEF&CC organised a Beach Clean-up event on 13th March 2021 at the Kovalam Beach,near Chennai, as a part of the celebration of International Women’s Day. A team of 35 volunteers from NCSCM including both women and men participated in this event. The team cleaned the potential Blue Flag Beach at Kovalam and the adjoining areas.

The NCSCM Team collected 39 kg of trash/litter, including micro and macro plastics, glass and metal fragments. All the trash collected from the beach was handed over to the existing waste segregation centre of the beach for further processing and recycling.

A few placards were displayed on the beach to sensitise the local community and the visitors to the beach on the harmful effects of plastic pollution reaching the coast and need to minimise use of plastics.

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NCSCM Kovalam Beach,near Chennai 
08th March, 2021 NCSCM, MoEF&CC, Chennai celebrated the International Women’s Day on 8th March 2021 with various activities celebrating women in Conservation and Management of coastal areas. Prof. R. Ramesh, Director, NCSCM, Chennai inaugurated an organic garden with organic waste composting facility. This was followed by a talk on “Women – Physical and Mental Health” by Dr Ragitha Radhakrishnan, Head of Department of Psychology, Dr MGR-Janaki Arts and Science college for Women, Chennai.

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