National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management
Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
Government of India

Key Objectives

The Knowledge, Governance and Policy Division is proposed as a central repository for the dispersed information on the Indian coast. Coastal management requires all the stakeholders (scientists, politicians, NGOs, private sector, communities, etc) to be interconnected at different scales in order to share information, knowledge and data to solve problems and conflicts facing the coastal area and its livelihood. The knowledge management system of the centre would assist those interested in coastal governance to access the most relevant information on coastal issues. This division would also serve as an advisory to the government on coastal governance and policy issues of coastal management. Major Groups of the Conservation of the Knowledge, Governance and Policy Division include:

  • Information and Data Bank
  • Coordination
  • Communication and Dissemination
  • Capacity Building
  • Coastal Law and Policy
  • Partnership and Networks