National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management
Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
Government of India
Last updated : 12-09-2019


First Runner Up Award for Exhibition in India International Science Festival-2017 (IISF-2017)

NCSCM has received the First Runner up Award from Hon’ble Union Minister for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences & Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change Dr. Harsh Vardhan for showcasing and explaining the challenging issues of Climate change, it’s consequences and mitigation strategies to combat it.

3rdIndia International Science Festival (IISF) was held on Chennai from 13th -16th October 2017 with a prime objective to inculcate scientific temperamentin common people and to project India’s scientific and technological contributions in different arena. The focal theme of the forum was to highlight various challenges faced in different sectorsof India and probable solutions to it. In this festival one important attraction was Mega Science, Technology And Industry Expo, where significant contributions of India in the field science and innovations were showcased. National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM) actively participated in the expo to project major research activities of the institute. The major theme of the stall was to give a glance of cause and effects of climate change and to create awareness towards restoration and mitigation strategies. A model of Blue carbon ecosystems was kept to project the importance of natural carbon sequestration processes. NCSCM showcased a model of Holistic Island Management plan of Bangaram island (Lakshwadweep) to promote sustainable island development and ecotourism. NCSCM also conducted a survey to get people’s perception towards combatting climate change. Voting options were made and a good response was observed from people’s side.


  • Prof. Ramesh R. (Director, NCSCM)
  • Dr.Purvaja Ramachandran (Scientist-G)
  • Futuristic Research Division
  • Coastal Environmental Impact Assessment Division
  • Conservation of Coastal and Marine Resources Division

ESRI India SAG (Special achievement in GIS) Award - 2013

Project Goal

The coastline of India is undergoing changes due to several human interventions. Most of the shoreline changes are on account of the structures which have been constructed along the foreshore of the country's coast. Several of these developments are not compatible with the dynamic nature of the shoreline. Because of these factors, it has become imperative to identify areas subject to both long- and short-term erosion, since in most cases, rates of erosion have enhanced during the past decade. The National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management, Ministry of Environment and Forests, has mapped the coastline to enhance India's preparedness to face sea hazards like storm surge and tsunami.

Technology Implemented

NCSCM has successfully completed the National Shoreline Change Assessment for the entire coast of mainland India with the extensive use of GIS technology. Currently, GIS is used to delineate the coastal sediment cells (a.k.a. coastal littoral cells) to prepare a shoreline management plan for the entire countryâ??s coastline. In addition, NCSCM has also proposed to prepare an online decision support system for integrated coastal zone management plan, jointly with Esri.

Development Team Biography

  • Prof. R. Ramesh is the director of NCSCM.
  • Dr. Purvaja Ramachandran is the division chair of Futuristic Research Division.
  • Ms. Mary Divya Suganya, Scientist C, NCSCM is the team leader for this project.
  • Ms. P.D. Thulasi Bai, Project Scientist, NCSCM: GIS Analyst
  • Ms. R. Madhumitha, Scientist B, NCSCM: GIS Analyst
  • Mr. Sathish Kumar, Project Scientist, NCSCM: Web Map Applications Engineer
  • Mr. P. Rajaram, Project Associate, NCSCM: GIS Analyst

ESRI India SAG (Special achievement in GIS) Award - 2012

As coastal populations continue to grow, and community infrastructures are threatened by erosion, there has been an increased demand for accurate information regarding shoreline changes. NCSCM has successfully completed the "National Shoreline Change Assessment" for the entire coast of mainland India with the extensive use of GIS Technology. The study has provided sound technical and analytical information to develop recommendations for coastal sediment management and the roles of the Central and State government's participation in shoreline management.

For this unique and appealing application of GIS technology in holistic assessment of shoreline change, ESRI India is pleased to honor NCSCM, Chennai with ESRI India SAG (Special achievement in GIS) award for the year 2012.